"Hell Fire" Green River Formation Fossil Fish Mural

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This plate has been the focal point of our Showroom in Kemmerer, Wyoming over this past summer. Rarely are Green River Formation fossils so vibrant as this with 3 of the most sought after fossil fish surrounded by fiery bright red and orange iron dendritic staining. Some time ago, In Stone Fossils excavated a very small layer of this iron stained limestone that we knew would be so beautiful in a home or showroom. When the quarry diggers perforated the bottom corner of the rock, it was a surprise they had also found an Atractosteus simplex, a fossil Gar fish just a few layers beneath the red-stained slab- so naturally the fossil Gar fish would find its new home along with the newly excavated décor slab. 

This is inlayed décor, a process by which (typically) a damaged fossil is cut away from its broken matrix and inset into a thicker and more stable host rock or matrix. This process also lends further to a creative and more artistic approach to displaying fossils as you would a complete specimen. 

We provide full photo documented disclosure on all restorative practices for this plate. 

Inlay décor with Dendritic iron oxide matrix which created beautiful red staining. Includes a customizable cleat system ready to hang on a wall, foam padded durable crate which is international shipping compliant.

Left to right: Diplomystus dentatus, Atractosteus simplex (Gar), Priscacara serrata

Excavated, prepared, and designed by In Stone Fossils from Lewis Ranch private property near Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Green River Formation 

Eocene (52 Million Years Old) 

Dimensions: 47 inches tall and 67.5 inches wide. 


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