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12 STEM Educational Gifts For Kids And Teens Interested In Paleontology

12 STEM Educational Gifts For Kids And Teens Interested In Paleontology

12 STEM Educational Gifts For Kids And Teens Interested In Paleontology

12 Awesome and Educational Fossil Gifts you can grab for kids any age this holiday season! Or any season! Who wouldn't love a REAL Dinosaur Bone?? I mean seriously! We've compiled a big list of 12 items that kids flip out over when they see them in our store's physical location. Be the best gift-giver ever and scroll through our gift giving guide! 

Let's start with my personal favorites: 

Utah Rocks! Identification Game 

Utah Rocks! Mineral Identification Game and Guide for Kids With Real Geological Specimens, Identification Cards and Poster

I love this kit because it contains real geological specimens with identification cards and a Matching Key poster that makes it easy to understand how to not only identify minerals that are in the kit, but any minerals your child might find in the future with some simple process of elimination steps. This kit is for anyone 5 years and older.  You can get this here for $25


Prepare Your Own Fossil Fish 

Prepare Your Own Fossil Fish Unprepared Fossils You Can Prepare Yourself At Home Choose A Green River Formation Knightia or Priscacara

This is probably the best selling item on the In Stone Fossils website because you can feel like a real Paleontologist by excavating your very own fossil. This isn't one of those plaster-of-paris bricks that are filled with random rocks or fossils for you to pick at (But we will mention a really fun one below!) because this is a REAL fossil fish from the In Stone Fossils private quarry. All you need is a pinvice tool, or something moderately sharp. Because of this I give the kit a 9 years and older requirement because of the sharp object you'll need to purchase, but this can really be for any age old or young. Fantastic gift that will take many hours to complete! You can grab your own here starting at $19


Wooly Mammoth "Hunting" Kit 

Authentic Wooly Mammoth Ivory and Hair Also Includes and Arrowhead Point
Do you struggle with finding a decent sized Siberian Wooly Mammoth to display?
We do. And this one comes with and an arrow point! 
So we created a pocket sized, protected, and portable Wooly Mammoth in a box! No more lugging around giant femurs and tusks! Try our deconstructed Wooly Mammoth instead! Included in our window-like framed boxes are a genuine Wooly Mammoth ivory fragment, a genuine lock of Wooly hair, and an educational label about Wooly Mammoths! Kit complete with  authentic Wooly Mammoth hair and piece of tusk, plenty enough to track a scent. And a modern day tool for take down. Maybe. Maybe a small wooly mammoth... You can get your own here for $20
Fossil Collection Starter Kit All American Fossils Authentic Specimens
This collection is a little more spendy, but you get 20 AUTHENTIC fossil specimens. Broken down for price, each specimen is less than $6.50 each and includes several really attractive floating membrane display cases that protect and display these specimens flawlessly. 
You get this here for $129


Fossil Excavation Kit - Reveal 9 Real Fossils 

Dig Out Your Own Fossils Fossil Excavation Kit For Kids 9 Real Fossils

These are really great for our little paleontologists and geologists who want to experience what real fossil digging is all about! Reveal 9 REAL fossils with a picking chisel and brush to carve away the matrix (plaster) and brush away any grit to reveal your real fossils aging from the Devonian to the Paleocene! Get it here for $18


Fossil Collection Bundle 

Fossil Collection Bundle Authentic Fossils For Beginners Or Students STEM Gift

This one is super great, you get all the popular fossils a kid would ever want! A shark tooth, a trilobite, ammonite, and fossil fish! And you can grab it here for $18


REAL Dinosaur Bone! 

Authentic Colorado Dinosaur Bone Therapod Perfect Gift For Students Kids Teens STEM and Science Majors

How cool is that? Hold your own REAL dinosaur bone in your hands!! We love this gift because when that moment finally dawns on the gift recipient... "WOW a REAL Dinosaur BONE?!" Yes. You can get yours here and it's only $5 and comes with an identification card! 


Orthoceras Cephalopod 

Orthoceras Cephalopod Ancient Squid Fossil Gift Guide

These were squid that lived during the Devonian period (around 370 Million Years Ago, 300 Million Years before Dinosaurs). Orthoceras are extinct "straight" cephalopods that lived inside of their shell, had tentacles they could use to grab food and used jet propulsion, squirting water to move. These are an awesome inexpensive gift you can get here for just $9


Ammonite Necklace 

Ammonite Necklace Split Chambers Fossil Gift Guide

Wear a piece of ancient history! Lower Cretaceous (145 to 100 million years old) and was collected near Toliara (Tulear) in Southwestern Madagascar. Perfect for anyone who would be proud to wear their fossil obsession! You can grab one here for just $9 


Break Your Own Geode! 

Break Your Own Geode Reveal Crystals Inside Cracked Open

Break your own geode offers fun for everyone and suspense as you wait to see what is revealed inside your very own geode! You can get these here for just $3 each! 


Tumbled Stones Starter Kit includes Mineral Identification Poster

Rock And Mineral Tumbled Polished Stones With Identification Poster

These are great for little first time rock hounders just getting interested in stones. Receive a tube of random tumbled stones complete with identification chart. Expand your education into geology and mineral identification with this fun starter kit. You can get these here for $12


Last but not least... 

How about a tooth that once belonged to the LARGEST species of shark to ever hunt the oceans... MEGALODON! You can look through what's available here

 O. megalodon was not only the biggest shark in the world, but one of the largest fish ever to exist. Estimates suggest it grew to between 15 and 18 meters in length, three times longer than the largest recorded great white shark.


We hope you loved our favorite gifts for those who are so interested in the natural world! 

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