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Carcharias africana | Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace

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Carcharias africana Fossil Sand Shark Tooth Necklace with pink or white beads. Approx 17.5" in length 

Handpicked for quality, every tooth is natural and unique.  Each necklace may differ in size/color/shape of tooth as well as the beads.

Eocene (60mya - 32mya) shark which is related to modern day Grey Nurse Sharks. The thin pointed shape of the tooth indicates a diet primarily of bony fish. Sharks first evolved in the Palaeozoic era (570-245 million years ago). Shark's skeletons are formed of cartilage, a less durable material than bone, consequently there are few fossils of prehistoric sharks. Their teeth are made of a bone-like, enamel-coated substance that is more readily fossilised.

Color: Pink