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Agujaceratops sp | Cretaceous Triceratops Tooth | Texas

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Agujaceratops sp. 

Upper Aguja Formation 

Brewster County, Texas, U.S.A. 

Upper Cretaceous - Campanian 

70 Million Years Ago 

Specimen size: approximately 1cm 

Agujaceratops is a genus of horned dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of west Texas. It is a chasmosaurine ceratopsian. Two species are known, Agujaceratops mariscalensis, and A. mavericus. 

All specimens of Agujaceratops were collected from the lower part of the Upper Shale member of the Aguja Formation, dating to about 77 million years ago,[2] in the Big Bend National Park, Brewster County. Additional material was recovered from elsewhere in west Texas, including a nearly complete skull from Rattlesnake Creek.