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Authentic Dinosaur Coprolite Slice 💩 | Unpolished

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Recieve an  unpolished slice of Jurassic Dinosaur Coprolite (feces) from Moffat County, Colorado. Matte look on one single side and left raw on the other. This specimen boasts of beautiful agate and jasper rich colors.

5" x 3" x .5"

Includes info card! 

Authentic Dinosaur Coprolite! 

This piece of actual dinosaur coprolite was discovered in Moffat County Colorado. It is from the Jurassic epoch, Morrison Formation and it is 155 million years old. The Morrison Formation has been called A dinosaur graveyard because of the large amount of dinosaur fossils found there.  This piece is probably from a Sauropod or "long-neck" type dinosaur, the largest land animals to ever live. This fossil was legally collected on private property with the permission of the landowner.