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Beautifully Preserved Feather | 100% Natural | Green River Formation

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This beautiful, unidentified feather is well preserved and 100% all natural from the In Stone Fossils Private Quarry in Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Feather measures approx: 3" x .75

Matrix measures approx: 5.5" x 3.75"

Birds comprise a highly successful branch of dinosaurs that survived the Late Cretaceous mass extinction event, flourished and diversified to more than 10,000 species living today. 

Today all surviving birds are toothless and birds have become the most species-rich group of land vertebrates. Many are strong fliers, while others are primarily ground birds or even flightless. Some live in trees or shrubs, while others are aquatic. Birds play a critical role as pollinators, seed dispensers, prey, and predators. (Lost World of Fossil Lake, L.Grande)