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4.75" Cockerellites liops With Predation Marks | Unrestored Specimen | A+ Quality

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Cockerellites liops With Predation Marks, unrestored specimen
**The tail has been bitten off by it's predator**
Eocene (52.3 Million Years Ago) 
Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA 
In Stone Fossils Private Quarry 
Plate: Approx. 7.75" x 7.5" 
Fish: 4.75"

Order Perciformes

  • Family Moronidae - C. liops, P. serrata, H. hypsacantha, and undescribed Priscacara & Hypsiprisca species
C. liops specimens:
  • known found as isolated specimens and in mass mortalities, indicating that C. liops traveled in schools throughout its life
  • known to reach a maximum size of 6 inches
  • body shape is similar to members of the modern Centrarchidae family (the sunfish family)