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5" Partial Megalodon Tooth | Hawthorn Formation

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Location: Hawthorn Formation, South Carolina

Age: Miocene (2.6-15 MYO)

Approx 5" long x 3" wide naturally eroded root 

These Megalodon Sharks Teeth have been lightly buffed after cleaning, it has unadulterated enamel with zero restoration.

These are 100% authentic Megalodon shark teeth found diving off coastal waters of South Carolina. The Megalodon grew in excess of 60 feet long and weighed over 20 tons, carried a deadly arsenal of 184 razor sharp teeth, and the teeth could grow up to over 7 inches long. Megalodon was the top predator in our oceans from approximately 2-15 million years ago. Megladons ate everything including whales, dugongs and giant squids.