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Apateon Pedistris | Permian Salamander Fossil | Germany

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Species: Apateon pedistris 

Taxonomy: Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Amphibia Temnospondyli Euskelia Branchiosauridae

Odernheimer Limestone 

Lower Permian - Lower Rotliegendes 

Odernheim, Germany 

1970's Collection 

Specimen size: approximately 6cm long, remarkable skin preservation. 

Matrix size: 8.5cm x 6cm x 1.5cm, no restoration on the fossil, matrix is held together by an epoxy type of adhesive. 

Apateon pedestris lived in the Lower Permian (Rotliegend) about 295.0 to 290.1 million years ago. 


These amphibians could reach a length of about 5–12 centimeters (2.0–4.7 in), while the length of the skull could reach 8–24 millimeters (0.31–0.94 in). They resembled a salamander and had a laterally flattened tail with a long fin. The body was completely covered with rounded scales.The portion of the skull behind the eyes was quite short. On opposite sides of the head there are three pairs of long, spiral-shaped external gills. They had a weakly ossified skeleton and a wide, short skull, with huge eye holes. The teeth were small and peaked. On the hands are present four fingers.

Apateon were sexually mature in the larval state, with the retention by adults of traits seen in the young (neoteny). This fully aquatic animals lived in semi-permanent lakes and ponds. They fed on microorganisms.