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Astroidea sp. Starfish Fossil | Museum Grade Specimen | Zero Restoration

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Asteroidea sp. indet.

Specimen size: approximately 12cm 

Matrix size: approximately 19cm x 23.5cm x 1cm - 1.5cm 

The Class Asteroidea is part of the Phylum Echinodermata. Echinodermata means spiny skin in Greek. 

At the end of each arm (or, ray) is an eye spot that can sense changes in light (photoreception). A sea star’s tube feet can also sense or 'taste' chemicals (chemoreception), water currents, and feel objects around them (mechanoreception). Their tube feet are the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

This starfish fossil is a one-of-a-kind, extremely rare specimen, prepared by none other than 30+ years Master Paleontological Preparator Hammi only using microscopic magnification. There is always the "find" break, which is how the starfish are found. Later the fossil is glued back together. There is no augmentation, restoration, or any composite material. Certificate of Authenticity included.