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5.75" Cockerellites liops (Formerly Priscacara liops) | Green River Formation

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Cockerillites liops, restored specimen from the Green River Formation 
Plate: 10.75" x 11" 
Fish: 5.75" 
Cockerellites liops (formerly Priscacara liops) fossil with beautiful reddish-gold toned iron mineral replacement of which our private quarry is prized for. This specimen has been restored around it's fin tips and small portions within the body.  
Cockerellites liops (formerly Priscacara liops) is an extinct genus of perch from the Eocene (55.8-33.8 mya) Evidence suggests Cockerellites travelled and spawned in schools, darting about freshwater streams and lakes, snatching at small creatures like snails, crabs, prawns, and tadpoles.
They varied in size; for example, C. liops is a smaller species, never exceeding 150 mm, whereas the larger Priscacara serrata has been found up to 375 mm. Priscacara means, “Primitive head”. These tough looking, ray-finned fish packed a punch if something dared to swallow it. The genus is known for its protective dorsal and anal spines.