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Heliobatis radians Juvenile Stingray with Knightia eoceana | Green River Formation

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Heliobatis radians (stingray) fossil with Knightia eocaena 100% Natural, no restoration found within the Green River Formation in Wyoming 
Here's what is so incredibly unique about this stingray fossil; at some point, a local tectonic shift occured which created a minor fault line straight across the fossil stingray where a portion of the rock shifted just a few millimeters down. If you look at the photo closely you can see a healed natural minor fault that was repaired.
Plate approx: 9" x 6.25"
Stingray: approx 7" long 3.75" diameter ray
Knightia eocaena: approx 1.5"
Absolutely zero restoration was required to prepare this fossil.
"What does that mean?" 
Not all fossils have enough mineral replacement to withstand the test of time, unlike this beautiful stingray. 
Heliobatis radians (stingray) fossil naturally found in this way with beautiful reddish-gold toned iron mineral replacement of which this private quarry is prized for.