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Heliobatis radians Stingray | Green River Formation

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Heliobatis radians Stingray
from the Green River Formation In Stone Fossils Private Quarry 
Plate approx: 20.5" x 32"
Stingray: approx 15" long 8" diameter ray

Not all fossils have enough mineral replacement to withstand the test of time, unlike this specimen displayed here. We meticulously prepare all of our fossils each with the highest standard of precision and care, yet some fossils require a Restoration Specialist to conserve the fossil's original anatomy. *This specimen has repaired matrix from natural fracture but no restoration on the stingray.
Heliobatis radians (stingray) fossil naturally found in this way with beautiful reddish-gold toned iron mineral replacement of which this private quarry is prized for. 
**Due to the size and weight of this specimen, a custom internationally compliant wooden crate will be necessary to ship. Please contact us for a free shipping quote prior to purchase.