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Stunning Black Nephrite Jade | Western Australia

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Black Nephrite Jade

Ninghan Station, Western Australia 


This beautiful piece of Black Nephrite Jade measures approx: 2.75" x 3.75" x .5"


Black Jade is of the Nephrite or Jadeite variety, with inclusions consisting of graphite or even iron oxide. Nephrite is a calcium magnesium silicate and Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate. They both have clearly different compositions, crystal structures, densities and hardness. However, they are both durable and very similar in appearance. When it comes to their metaphysical properties they are both equally prized.


Black Nephrite Jade is known to be a guardian stone. It acts as an active and lively protection against negative energies. It is also known to protect against intrusion by psychic entities. It will protect you from negative energy,  unpleasant emotions, fear, anger, and even bitterness.