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Winged Fruit Fossil Plant Seed | Green River Formation

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Winged Fruit Species - Lagokarpos.  Lacustris Green River Formation 100% natural, no restoration.
This rare specimen measures approx 21mm x 42mm, plate measures approx 3.25" x 3" x .125" and comes in an attractive floating frame display case measuring 4.75" x 4.25".
Lagos - translating "hare" (referencing rabbit-head shape of seed and wings) Karpos - translating "fruit" Lacustris - translating "of lakes and ponds"
  • recognizable by its spherical shaped seed body and dual set of wings
  • wings characterized by V shape
  • wings indicate that fruit was wind dispersed (seeds carried by wind to new growing sites)
  • specimen wings range in size from 3 to 9 inches
  • known from fossil deposits in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and British Columbia
  • found exclusively in lake deposits, indicating they were a near-shore species
No modern fruits are known to share the specific characteristics of L. lacustris, and the Lagokarpos genus is though to be extinct. Species of the living Gyrocarpus genus are, however, similar in form. This genus is found primarily in tropical and subtropical regions.-Fossil Butte National Monument