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Declivolithus (Nankinolithus) titan Trilobite | Museum Grade Specimen | Zero Restoration

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Declivolithus (Nankinolithus) titan
Upper Ordovician (Katian Stage)
Mecissi, Morocco
Lower Ktaoua Formation
Specimen size: 32mm x 35mm (approximate)
Matrix size: 95mm x 95mm (approximate)
This is a very inflated and colorful specimen of the Trinucleid trilobite Declivolithus from Morocco.
This trilobite is a one-of-a-kind, extremely rare specimen, prepared by none other than 30+ years Master Paleontological Preparator Hammi only using microscopic magnification. There is always the "find" break, which is how the trilobites are found. Later the trilobite is glued back together. There is no augmentation, restoration, or any composite material on this trilobite. Certificate of Authenticity included. 
Specimens this nice are rare, as most are compressed and missing detail. It is very inflated and has a natural, bright orange preservation due to the oxidiation of iron pyrite which had replaced the fossil.

This trilobite has really dramatic cephalic pits along it's "head shield". It's unknown the exact purpose of these pits, they could have had sensory purposes or aided in filter feeding.