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Dragonfly | Araripe Basin Brazil

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Species: Cordulagomphus tuberculatus

Age: Lower Cretaceous (108 - 92 mya)

Period: Late Aptian-Cenomanian

Location: Nova Olinda Member, Ceara, Brazil

Formation: Crato Formation

Plate Dimensions: Approx. 13.25"×12.5"×0.5"

Dragonfly measures 2.5" long with a 3" wingspan

Gorgeous dragonfly from the Crato Formation in Northeastern Brazil. This specimen is preserved in limestone. Fossil dragonflies are very rare. This particular specimen has had minimal restoration to bring out it's natural beauty.

The Crato Formation is a Geological Formation in the Early Cretaceous Age. The Formation is located in Northeatern Brazil in the Araripe Basin. Fossils from this formation lived some 113 mya during the Aptian Age. The environment was a semi-arid wetland. This formation has been designated a Lagetstatte due to the highly well-preserved fossils that have been discovered there. Around 25 different species of fossil fish have been discovered, all with stomach content. Pterosaurs, reptiles and amphibians, invertebrates (particularly insects), and plants have all been discovered here as well. A Maniraptor was found within the layers of this formation, and described, in 1996.