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Fluorescent Wyoming Youngite Agate Slice | Guernsey, Wyoming

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Stunning Fluorescent Wyoming Youngite Agate Slice, Hartville Uplift Guernsey, Wyoming from a now closed cave

Specimen approx. size: 5" x 4.5" x 0.25"

This beautiful specimen has a fabulous druzy quartz exterior that shimmers brilliantly with each turn. Specimen has gorgeous browns, blues and peach coloring covered in botryoidal quartz druse. The main source for collecting these stunning specimens is currently owned by the state of Wyoming and is now closed to soliciting.

Youngite is a local name applied to agatized brecciated jasper that is often found encrusted in chalcedony. Under short wave UV lighting, this mineral fluoresces vibrant green. 

It is also suggested that after working with this spectacular crystal you will feel a great sense of joy and peace. A great mineral for meditation and relaxation. Youngite is a great mineral to add to your collection.