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Dig-out & Discover Fossil Mixture

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Excavate 6 REAL fossils with a picking chisel and brush to carve away the matrix (plaster) and brush away any grit to reveal your real fossils aging from the Devonian to the Paleocene! 

Included in the kit: 

1 plaster brick containing 6 real fossils to excavate

1 paint brush

1 wooden chisel 

1 wooden mallet 

1 magnifying glass

1 pouch to put your discovery in

1 identification chart included in the box

Safe for ages 5 to 105 

Fossil list: 

Ammonite -  Devonian 

Brachiopod - Devonian 

Crinoid Stem - Devonian 

Shark Tooth - Paleocene 

Clam - Cretaceous 

Orthoceras - Devonian