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Fossil Preparation Air Scribe

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Prepare your own fossils like the pro's! We've collaborated with Fossil Shack to bring you high quality tools for your fossil preparation needs. After so many of our customers told us they were interested in trying to prepare their own fossils, we knew we needed to provide the tools for a satisfying experience you can do at home. 

"This tool was designed by Fossil Shack for fossil preparation. It is not meant for bulk matrix removal, but for fossils requiring detail and precision. We designed this tool with Green River fossil fish in mind but it works on a huge assortment of fossils. Because we want everyone to be able to afford a nice scribe tool, we have priced this one well below any other quality tool on the market.

It is a bit different than other scribes in that is has metal bushings rather than nylon to provide more accuracy and more durability. This helps extend its life and provide accuracy. It has a carbide stylus for strength and even better a replacement is very inexpensive if you ever need one, less than $15. It also does not vent the air through the tip like other brands. I designed this scribe to vent out the sides near the tip, better preserving delicate fossils and not blowing them apart, while still blowing away the removed matrix and dust. 

 It operates on 55-65 PSI, giving you plenty of power but because of the short throw you also get a lot of precision on delicate fossils. It is designed to be a multi-purpose scribe, able to handle a wide variety of fossils and matrix types. 3400 RPMI  and 2.5 CFM and uses a ¼ inlet. 

We use it for all of the fossils that come out of our Green River Formation Quarry, from crocodiles to stingrays and fish to shrimp." - Fossil Shack