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Fossils of North America Collection

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A multiple collection of 20 Authentic specimen fossils from North America packaged in 3"x3" floating membrane frames (2 fossils in each frame) which are very mininalist and attractive to display while keeping your fossils protected from the elements. 


Fossil Guide & Reference with info and images.


Belemnitella americana - Deleware

Baculite Ammonite - South Dakota

Dinosaur Bone - Utah

Trilobite - Utah

Fish vertebra - South Carolina 

Planorbis "Ram's Horn" shell - Florida

Duplicatus gastropod - North Carolina 

Whale or Dolphin vertebrae - North Carolina

Oliva sayana shell - North Carolina 

Mako Shark Tooth - South Carolina 

Brachiopod - Indiana

Blue Forest Petrified "Twig" - Wyoming

Metasequoia Dawn Redwood - Oregon

Knightia eocaena mini fossil fish - Wyoming

Elima tenera (Gastropod turritella) - Wyoming

Batostoma jamesi Bryozoa - Kentucky

Heteraster texanus Echinoid (Sea Urchin) - Texas

Tumbled Rainbow Petrified Wood - Arizona

Chione latirata (Venus clam shell) - Florida

Conus marylandicus (Gastropod) -  Florida