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Hang-It Display System Brackets

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Sold as a pair for top and bottom. 4.5" polycarbonate in black. 

Take your fossils from out of the cabinet and securely fit them to any wall for a modern look. 

Hang-It Display Systems wall display polycarbonate brackets are made to support up to 30 lbs. All brackets have a 1 inch ledge and come with 4 wood or drywall screws for mounting.

If the bracket can be attached to a wall that is wooden or has studs, the included wood screws can be used.  If the bracket needs to be attached onto drywall with no stud behind it, use a plastic drywall anchor. Attach the bottom bracket to the wall first, using a bubble level to make sure the bracket is level.  Place the display item on the bracket and mark the top with a pencil on the wall.  Remove the display and then use the pencil mark to secure the top bracket in position.

Felt bumpers can be used on the brackets to provide a tighter fit.