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Sabalites powelli Palm

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Auction: November 24th 12:00pm MST until December 8th 5:00pm MST 

Joining fee is $100 to bid. 

This fossil palm frond is a show stopping and awe inspiring piece destined to be the focal point in any space. This towering leaf fossil positioned in the center of its original matrix measuring 7 feet and 10 inches tall, and 6 feet and 8 inches wide. Famous for it's finely detailed preservation, the 18-inch Layer from where this leaf was procured and excavated in one solid sheet of limestone. Fossil palm fronds are rarely found on the market in this size without being inlaid or partially re-created. Secured by 3/4 inch plywood and marine grade professional odorless and non-toxic epoxy. The outside edges of the wood have been painted to camouflage the frame so it can be hung anywhere at any angle for a modern and timeless style to match any décor.

Some minor restoration in some spots on the leaves have been enhanced, full disclosure of all restorative practices are provided upon request. There is evidence of a shift in the rock that took place across the center of the leaf, which has since healed many thousands or millions of years ago. 

This fossil palm will be personally delivered by In Stone Fossils anywhere within the continental United States.  


Sabalites powellii, an extinct species of palm frond in the family Arecaceae. 

"Palms are another one of the FBM [Fossil Butte Member] monocots, and one of the most impressive of the FBM plant fossils. One species identified in the FBM is Sabalites powelli (Newberry 1883). There may be other species present too. Palm fronds are very common in the FBM, both in the 18-inch layer and the sandwich beds, although they are often more difficult to see in the nearshore sandwich beds because the plant fossils there often lack contrasting color (i.e., they are the same color as the matrix)." - The Lost World of Fossil Lake. 

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