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Madagascan Ammonite Pair With Free Floating Display Case

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Cretaceous - Albian Stage (110 MYO) Ammonite fossils from Ambatolafia, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar.

This is an image of what ammonites you'll typically receive. These are handpicked at random for quality, they range in size of approximately 1" diameter per half side, high quality polished, probably the best polish we've seen in years.

Floating membrane display case is included which provides an easy way to display these beautiful ammonites where you can see them both front and back, it also protects them from humid climates and accidental drops from normal heights. The case is 3" x 3" frame that includes a base, we typically ship these ammonites inside the case. 

Cleoniceras is a rather involute, high-whorled hoplitid from the Lower to basal Middle Albian of Europe, Madagascar, and Transcaspian region. The shell has a generally small umbilicus, arched to acute venter, and typically at some growth stage, falcoid ribs that spring in pairs from umbilical tubercles, usually disappearing on the outer whorls.


Whether it is the shape or the shell, or both, ammonite fossils possess an inherent beauty seemingly pleasing to everyone’s eyes. Just as Fibonacci numbers are apparently ubiquitous in nature, so too are the ammonites, having left an extensive fossil record. From the time of their appearance, descending from nautiloids in the Upper Silurian to Lower Devonian, to their extinction with the dinosaurs, ammonites left their shell remains across the globe. Ammonites cyclically declined and radiated through the many extinction events that punctuated the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras and were extremely prolific in the Mesozoic. Ammonites are also a favorite subject of the artistically inclined individual that may cut, polish and mount them in various ways.