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Nanotyrannus Tooth | Lance Creek Formation | Wyoming

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Nanotyrannus lancensis
Late Cretaceous (~69-66 mya)
Lance Creek Formation, Wyoming


Specimen approx. size: 1"

Comes in an acrylic case


Nanotyrranus means "dwarf tyrant", alluding to its miniature size compared to other members of its presumed subfamily, Tyrannosaurinae. It is highly debated as to whether Nanotyrannus is a valid genus, or if a specimen is actually a juvenile Tyrannosaurus.


The Lance Creek Formation is a Late Cretaceous (~69-66 mya) geological formation that has yielded fossils from a diverse number of species. Named after Lance Creek, Wyoming, the Lance Creek Formation shares much of the same fauna with the Hell Creek Formation of Montana and North Dakota, the Frenchman Formation of southwest Saskatchewan, and the lower part of the Scollard Formation of Alberta.

At least tens of thousands of Late Cretaceous vertebrates have been recovered from the Lance Creek Formation. Fossils ranging from microscopic elements to extensive bonebeds have been found. This includes nearly complete, articulated dinosaur skeletons. Most other animals known from the formation are freshwater animals. However, marine fossils have also been found in the formation, suggesting that the sea was nearby. Bird fossils found in the formation are mainly composed of orders still existing today.