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Notogoneus osculus Juvenile

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Notogoneus osculus
Eocene (52.3 Million Years Ago) 
Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA
In Stone Fossils Private Quarry 
7" x 10" plate 
Approx 8" x 1.5" fish
Wall bracket included 

Beaked Sandfish - Notogoneus osculus

Order Gonorynchiformes, Family Gonorynchidae
N. osculus was the last survivor of the Gonorynchiformes order in North America. There are 5 modern species in the Gonorynchidae family. They inhabit tropical marine regions of the Indo-Pacific Oceans.
Very young juveniles and large adults are the only N. osculus specimens found from Fossil Lake. This could indicate that N. osculus was a migratory species. Their lifecycle may have consisted of:
  • Hatching in Fossil Lake
  • Migrating to connecting streams to mature
  • Returning to Fossil Lake as an adult to spawn and die
N. osculus had a down-turned, sucker-like mouth. Its toothless mouth suggests that this was a bottom-feeding species. The highly salty water conditions at the bottom of Fossil Lake should have excluded most scavengers and bottom-feeders. Yet, N. osculus is found exclusively in deep-water deposits. This suggests that N. osculus spent most of its life outside of Fossil Lake in connecting rivers and streams.