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Pyrite Collection

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With this beautiful collection of pyrite specimens you will receive:

one pyritized ammonite (approx 1" x .75")

one raw pyrite cluster (approx .75" x .5")

one pyrite sun (approx 3.5" x 3.5")

one pyrite cube on matrix (cube approx .5" x .5" matrix 1.75" x  1")

one rare DFW Airport Rainbow Pyrite (approx 1" x .75")


Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. ... Traditionally, Pyrite is known as a stone of luck, helping to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user, via its creative energies of manifestation, and its encouragement of following one's dreams.


Ammonites are cut in half to expose their internal chambers, phragmocone, encrusted with pyrite crystals. These gorgeous Quenstedticeras lamberti ammonites are Middle Jurassic age from the Saratov region, Russia. 


Pyrite suns (also called Sun Dollars, Miner’s Dollars or incorrectly Marcasite Suns) are brilliant, disk shaped concretions of radiating pyrite crystals found in the coal mines in Sparta, Illinois. They are 300 MYO.

While some authorities have speculated they originated as fossils that were subsequently replaced with pyrite, the current consensus is they are concretions spread out under pressure and forced to grow in a laterally compressed, radiating manner in the seams of slate.


 At first glance some people think that these pyrite cubes are man-made, but the amazing thing is that they are completely natural! Pyrite from the "Ampliación a Victoria" mine near Navajún, Spain is famous for its beautiful shine, near-perfect cubic formation, and sculptural appearance. A must have for any mineral collector!  


DFW rainbow pyrite was found near the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport in Texas. This locality is now extinct, as runway expansion destroyed the stream bank where these were found in a shale layer. Beautiful cubic pyrite crystals encrusted onto stone, some so small and compacted together it glimmers like druzy. 

Rainbow pyrite is known as a stone of manifestation. In early times, pyrite was polished and used as mirrors by the Native Americans. Rainbow pyrite may be used as a protective stone and is ideal for wearing as a talisman or amulet. It is believed that rainbow pyrite can promote psychic development. It is a crystal of positivity and is thought to help reduce anxiety and frustration. It best used to balance and stimulate energies of the third chakra (solar plexus).