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Sabalites powelli Fossil Palm

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Sabalites powellii, an extinct species of palm frond in the family Arcaceae.
"Palms are another one of the FBM [Fossil Butte Member] monologs, and one of the most impressive of the FBM plant fossils. One species identified in the FBM is Sabalites powelli (Newberry 1883). There may be other species present too. Palm fronds are very common in the FBM, both in the 18-inch layer and the sandwich beds, although they are often more difficult to see in the nearshore sandwich beds because the plant fossils there often lack contrasting color (i.e., they are the same color as the matrix)." The Lost World of Fossil Lake.
The fossils were uncovered in Fossil Lake, Wyoming and are Eocene in age (appx. 30-50 million years old). We are offering free shipping anywhere in the world, where applicable. Specimen is backed by 3/4 plywood, minor restoration has been done to the piece. 4'x6'