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Spinning Amethyst Heart

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Beautiful natural Uruguayan Heart Shaped Amethyst Geode on a black rotating metal base, 27.5" tall with base and 16" wide. This amethyst is set out to impress with an inner layer of deep violet color spikes and natural edges.

Its dramatic shape and the spinning metal base will make this piece a perfect focal point at your living room or office. A gemstone to admire for generations to come.

The base itself rotates only by a gentle push, the bearings inside glide as the geode silently spins in place. 

The legendary Amethyst is the birthstone for February and zodiac birthstone for Pisces and Aquarius. Mystical and magical, Amethyst crystals are believed to have transformational and protectional characteristics, bringing good energies to the home and body. Bring yours home today or gift someone you love!

  • Height: 27.5" w/ stand
  • Gemstone Width: 16"
  • Gemstone Thickness: 3" in some spots 3.5" in others
  • Gemstone height: 18.5"
  • Base footprint: 9.5" diameter
  • 34 lbs

Note: This is a natural gemstone sold as you see it on the images and videos. It contains natural imperfections and mineral inclusions. 

**Item is heavy. Will be shipped in an internationally compliant wooden crate and carefully wrapped and cushioned inside. Shipping costs are calculated after payment, but feel free to contact us for a price quote if you're interested in this stunning specimen.