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Stink Bug Fossil | Pentatomidae Family | Green River Formation

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"Stink Bug", True Bugs (Order Hemitera, Family Pentatomidae) 

Eocene (52.3 mya) 

Green River Formation, Wyoming 

FBM Locality C, In Stone Fossils Private Quarry 

Species size approximately: 1.5cm 

Plate size approximately: 5.75" x 5.75"

True Bugs are one of the most diversely represented groups in the FBM, of which there are 60,000 living species in this order. Their impressive diversity is theorized to be related to the diversification of flowering plants beginning in the Cretaceous period. 

Living stinkbugs emit a rancid unpleasant scent when disturbed as defense. Some species feed on other insects, most feed on plants. There are about 5,000 living species today.