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Tiffany Stone Oval Cabochon | Utah

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6.5g weight 

Tiffany Stone is a rare and unusual form of Fluorite. It is found in Spor Mountain Utah, USA and to date, this is still the only known source worldwide.

Tiffany Stone is a unique combination of Fluorite, Opal, Bertrandite, Dolomite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Quartz and other rare Earth Elements, such as Beryllium. Huge amounts of Tiffany Stone are crushed up in so the Beryllium can be extracted. Tiffany stone is often called Bertrandite or Opalised Fluorite, but the trade name, Tiffany Stone, is better suited due to the blend of minerals within it. This blend can be in different measurements and contain all of the above mentioned minerals or only a few.

This unique combination creates an absolutely wonderful mineral blend with energy that seeps deep into our system, connecting us to our higher selves and grounding us in whatever way we need at the time ~ this happens slowly. It is a subtle energy that builds over time. Some people feel it ignite the chakra system immediately, for others the energy sort’ve sneaks up on us. Tiffany Stone is one to work with consistently over a period of time to gain the best results, which is great as this mineral is also very comforting.