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Baby Spinosaurus Tooth

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Juvenile Spinosaurus Tooth 

Late Cretaceous Period 100 million years ago 

Phosphate Deposits, Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, Morocco

 Receive one tooth approximately .5" to 1" in length. Each tooth is handpicked for best quality and includes an info card. Photo is a representation of the tooth you'll receive. 

Spinosaurus currently holds the world's record for Largest Carnivorous Dinosaur; full-grown, 10-ton adults outweighed Tyrannosaurus Rex by about a ton and Giganotosaurus by about half a ton. 

The specific function of the Spinosaurus sail is still debated. This shape grew on a scaffold of "neural spines," long, skinny projections of bone—some of which attained lengths of almost six feet—that had been connected to the Spinosaurus vertebrae.

The snout of Spinosaurus was long, slender and distinctly crocodilian in profile. From lower back to front, this dinosaur's cranium measured a whopping six feet in length.