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Brilliant Ethiopian Welo Opal Rectangle Cabochon | Ethiopia

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This absolutely dazzling and clear Ethiopian Welo Cabochon is from the Wollo province of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Welo Opal meaning is closely associated with its place of origin which is a highly coveted area for spectacular specimens. They are particularly worn for astrological reasons and for jewellery purposes as they are quite stunning.

Rectangle shaped specimen measures approx: 1cm x 0.8cm and weighs 1.5 cts

The different colors you see in opal is due to millions of tiny hydrated silica spheres of different sizes. Silica spheres refract the light and cause the magnificent spectral colors you see in the opal. Interestingly enough, the spheres have to be uniform and just the right size in order to create enough color for our eyes to actually see it.