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Camptosaurus Aphanoecetes Vertebrae | Morrison Formation

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Vertebrae measures: 2.25"×2.5"

On stand it is 6" tall

Camptosaurus is a genus of plant-eating dinosaurs that lived in Western North America during the Late Jurassic Period. 

Lived: 161.2 million years ago - 145 million years ago (Oxfordian - Tithonian)
Mass: 1100 - 5500 lbs
Height: 6.6 ft- 8.2 ft (at hip)
Length: 16 - 26 ft
Scientific name:  Camptosaurus (flexible lizard)
Order: Ornithischian dinosaurs

Camptosaurus was a fast two legged dinosaur who could run at speeds up to 16 mph. It relied on its speed to get away from predators. It was eaten by the Torvosaurus. The Camptosaurus most likely lived in small groups. The front of its skull was beak-like and had no teeth. They used their beak-like skull to nip vegetation. Their ancestors were other later herbivors like the iguanodonts and duck bills. Camptosaurus are found in the Morrison Formation.