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Moroccan Seam Agate | Rough | Lot of 6 | A Cabber's Dream 

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Moroccan Seam Agate Rough slabs. These 6 specimens are unpolished. A cabbers dream! Will produce some beautiful Cabochons. 

Smallest specimen piece measures approx. 4.25" x 1.5" with the largest piece being up to 7" x 1.5" also varied thicknesses up to .75"

Weighs 1lb 4oz

These Seam Agates also known as Vein Agates, are from Triassic age basalt in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains. It forms in small veins, cavities, seams or a crack in the host rock. These openings occur in areas where the rock has naturally shifted or fractured. It is a variety of plume or flame agate and falls in the color schemes of orange, yellow, red and grey.

It was first scientifically described in the 1940's but evidence shows ancient carvings and uses far beyond that. 

Has powerful metaphysical properties.