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Pakimer Diamonds with Fluorescent Petroleum Inclusions | Balochistan, Pakistan

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Approx. dimensions: 5mm-9mm

Approx. weight: 1.0 g

Comes in an 1.25" acrylic case


These are beautiful Pakimer Diamonds from the Balochistan province in Pakistan. There are small, black inclusions of what is most likely carbon within the quartz crystals, along with fluorescent petroleum inclusions. These petroleum inclusions fluoresce greenish.

Pakimer diamonds aren't actually diamonds, but instead are quartz crystals that come from Pakistan. The name was derived from Herkimer diamonds which were originally from Herkimer, New York. They resemble Herkimer diamonds in that many are double terminated and beautifully clear, however Pakimer diamonds have their own appealing characteristics. Many Pakimer diamonds contain black inclusions which are said to be carbon, as well as fluorescent petroleum inclusions.