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Polished Fossil Whale Tooth | Family Physeteridae | South Carolina

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Family Physeteridae
Miocene (~2.6-15 MYO)
Hawthorn Formation


Tooth approx. size: 3" x 1"


This tooth is from a Miocene-aged fossil sperm whale. The bodies of physeteroids are robustly proportioned. The lower jaw is always relatively small and thin compared to the upper jaw. Unlike the modern sperm whale which only has functional teeth on the lower jaw, sperm whales of the Miocene had large teeth in both jaws. The moderately curved, conical teeth were deeply rooted into the skull, implying a strong bite. The teeth interlocked to better hold onto their prey of large marine mammals. Today, fossil whale teeth are found alongside fossil shark teeth including those of the Megalodon. As formidable as the sperm whale was, it was still likely a food source for the Megalodon.