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Prepare Your Own Fossil Fish

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$19.00 - $45.00
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Our instagram followers love to watch us prepare these specimens, and how satisfying and relaxing it is to remove the matrix away from the fossil. And now you can experience it for yourself!


This practice not exclusive to "experienced" fossil preparators. If you don't have "fancy tools" like our air abrasive machines or pneumatic chisels, do not fret! Collectors have been preparing these fossils since before electricity was a household commodity, and you can too! They used basic tools that are common in any home, you only need: pocketknife, magnifying glass, a dry brush, and time.

You can get creative and try other tools such as a scalpel, pottery tools, fastener nail, bbq skewer, engraver tools, etc 


**We do recommend children to be supervised preparing fossils. If you're using any electric/pneumatic/air abrasive tools we highly recommend you protect yourself with proper dust mask, safety glasses, and vacuum air ventilation.