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Rare Juvenile Priscacara | Green River Formation | Wyoming

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Priscacara sp., unrestored specimen
Eocene (51.98 Million Years Ago) 
Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA 
In Stone Fossils Private Quarry 

Plate approx: 5.5" x 5.75"

Specimen approx: 2.5"


We take great pride in hand selecting the best specimens out of our private quarry. Our Green River Formation specimens are all prepared using surgical grade microscopes and the very best fossil preparation tools available. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality specimens available. 


Order Perciformes

  • Family Moronidae - C. liops, P. serrata, H. hypsacantha, and undescribed Priscacara & Hypsiprisca species


It is rare to find a juvenile of this size and this well preserved. These tough looking, ray-finned fish packed a punch if something dared to swallow it. This family of fish is known for its protective dorsal and anal spines. So even at a young age, this fish had solid protection against predators.