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Sand Tiger Shark Teeth

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Receive a small bag (over an ounce) of Authentic Striatolamia (Sand Tiger Shark) teeth. 

Specimens approximately from 1cm to 5cm in length 


SPECIES: S. macrota, S. striata, S. whitei

AGE: Eocene (50 Million Years Ago)

LOCATION: Khouribga Province, Morocco

Striatolamia is an extinct genus of sharks belonging to the family Odontaspididae (sand tiger sharks, grey nurse sharks). These extinct sharks lived from the Early Paleocene to Late Miocene (61.7 to 10.3 Ma).

The Latin genus name Striatolamia refers to the striations on the surface of the teeth. Striatolamia species could reach a length of about 350 centimetres. Its teeth are notably big and rather common in sediments. The anterior teeth have elongated crowns, with striations on the lingual face and small lateral cusplets. The lateral teeth are smaller and broader, with weaker striations.