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Very Rare Mooneye (Eohiodon) Fish | Green River Formation | Wyoming

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Eohiodon falcatus
Eocene (51.98 Million Years Ago)
Private Quarry, Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA
Obtained from the collection of Dr. William Rieger


Specimen approx. size: 7.5"

Matrix approx. size: 11.25" x 7"


Order Hiodontiformes, Family Hiodontidae

Mooneyes are considerably rare in the Green River Formation.  They fed mostly on insects, but larger individuals also fed on crayfishes, shrimps, smaller fish, and frogs. Eohiodon falcatus closely resembles the osteoglossid Phareodus, but is distinguished from it by the lack of an enlarged pectoral fin, smaller scales, the presence of smaller dorsal and anal fins, smaller teeth, and a smaller head.