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Woolly Mammoth in a Box

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Do you struggle with finding a decent sized Woolly Mammoth to display?
We do.
So we created a pocket sized, protected, and portable Woolly Mammoth in a box! No more lugging around giant femurs and tusks! Try our deconstructed Woolly Mammoth instead! Included in our window-like framed boxes are a genuine Woolly Mammoth ivory fragment, a genuine lock of Woolly hair, and an educational label about Woolly Mammoths!
Woolly Mammoth Hair and Ivory (Mammuthus primigenius sp.)
The Woolly Mammoth is the iconic Pleistocene animal. They had long hair, tusks that extended up to 9 feet, and stood about 12 feet tall. They ranged across the northern hemisphere and were one of the most abundant Pleistocene creatures.
Location: Southwestern Siberia, Russia
Age: Late Pleistocene (12,000 years ago) Ice Age