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Xiphactinus audax | Monster Cretaceous Fossil Fish | Niobrara Chalk Formation, Kansas

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Xiphactinus audax 
87 and 82 million years ago during the Coniacian, Santonian, and Campanian stages of the Late Cretaceous
Niobrara Chalk Formation, Kansas 
Measures approximately 12 feet long by 5.5 feet wide
Xifactinus was a huge, terrifying carnivorous bony fish that hunted the Western Interior Seaway of North America during the Cretaceous period. 
While fossils of Xiphactinus can be found in many locations around the world from Europe to Australia, the Niobrara chalk beds of Kansas maybe the most famous and prolific locality. In fact, it was first discovered in Kansas and named by Professor Leidy in 1870. Its name means “sword ray.” Dozens of complete Xiphactinus, some over 20 feet long has been recovered along with numerous partial skeletons and thousands of fossil vertebrae.
Species of Xiphactinus were voracious predatory fish. At least a dozen specimens of X. audax have been collected with the remains of large, undigested or partially digested prey in their stomachs.