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Fossil Fish Dig Excursion

Dig Fossil Fish 18-inch Layer Tour

We offer an exclusive fossil excursion experience with several amenities. Take part in a leisurely dig in our premier sandwich layers before dinner time while a homemade (or quarry-made) meal of your choice is prepared for you. 

 Dig For Fossil Fish While A Gormet Meal Of Your Choice Is Prepared For You And Your Guests

Scenic Views

After dinner, you’ll get to see a phenomenal sunset overlooking Fossil Butte National Monument. Gaze upon the brightest stars in Wyoming’s wide skies. At dark, you'll be digging alongside highly experienced tour guides who will show you everything you need to dig the famous 18-inch Layer—where the world's best preserved museum-quality specimens are collected! Our 18-inch Layer has revealed some of the most paramount of fossils, including a complete 13 foot crocodile. What will you find? Also exclusive to our quarry, we have some of the most beautiful mineral replacement coloring, you'll find our fossil fish to have deep earthy red tones in gorgeous detail.  

 Sunset over Fossil Butte National Monument

 Provided on your tour: 

- Private access to In Stone Fossils' Quarry with no other guests 

- Gourmet meal prepared for you at the quarry top, any food or beverages at your request, just call or send us a message! (omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, gatorade, wine, beer... just ask!) We accommodate for food restrictions, no problem at all! 

- Sunscreen and a canopy tent to protect you from the sun and cool filtered water to keep you hydrated 

- Your very own fossil guide will dig along side with you, show you the best layers to split, how to split the rock, and makes sure you find the best fossils! 

- All tools are provided for you. We recommend you bring sturdy close-toed shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. Some guests may consider bringing knee-pads as well. 

 Digging for fossils in the dark with incandescent lights

The Experience Of A Lifetime

Take advantage of our offer for only $1500 per person with a minimum of two people per tour. We give a discount to a party of four or more, so bring your friends and family! Parties of four or more receive a 10% discount. You get to keep everything you find from the sandwich layers!  Additionally, each party will get one or several common, unprepared, fossil specimens (including garfish under 46" long, stingrays, paddlefish, and palm fronds) found from the Premier 18-inch Layer. If you're lucky and find any fossil considered "rare", the purchase of that fossil is separate from tour rates and a 50% premium is required to be paid to the landowner. (Rare fossils are sometimes undescribed scientifically important specimens that require study, or typically range in values of $10,000 - $2M)


For an additional charge of $50/hour, you are given the option to have your fossils professionally prepared by one of our highly skilled fossil preparators. Our team uses the best museum-quality tools and employs the latest techniques in handling fossils for our customers. 

Large or bulk specimens we can ship directly to your home with utmost care. You only have to pay the shipping costs.

DISCLAIMER: *In Stone Fossils has right to first refusal for preparation.


Plan Your Trip

Our excursion slots fill quickly, so please book in advance. Open months are June, July, August, and Early September.  You're welcome to contact us anytime for additional information.