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A++ Quality Psiloceras planorbis | Jurassic Rainbow Ammonite | North Somerset England

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Species: Psiloceras planorbis
Age: Jurassic (180 million years ago)
Formation: Blue Lias Formation
Location: North Somerset, England

Approx. Size of Ammonite: 2"x2"
Approx. Size of Matrix: 6.5"x5"x1"

This beautiful Psiloceras planorbis specimen has brilliant rainbow iridescence throughout its shell. There is also an impression of another Psiloceras planorbis ammonite on the same matrix. This specimen was discovered in the Blue Lias Formation, near North Somerset, England.

Blue Lias Formation - A geological formation in many parts of England and parts of South Wales. Part of the Lias group. The formation is a sequence of limestone and shale layers which were formed in the latest Triassic and early Jurassic periods. This formation ages back between 195 and 200 million years ago.

Psiloceras - An extinct genus of ammonite. They are one of the earliest known Jurassic ammonites. These ammonites had a smooth shell which set them apart from most other early Jurassic ammonites.