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DFW Rainbow Pyrite | Extinct Locality

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Size is approx: 1.5cm x 4.25cm x 1cm


Pictures do not do this exquisite piece justice. So much sparkle to capture precisely!


These pieces were found near the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport in Texas. This locality is now extinct, as runway expansion destroyed the stream bank where these were found in a shale layer. Beautiful cubic pyrite crystals encrusted onto stone, some so small and compacted together it glimmers like druzy. 


Rainbow pyrite is known as a stone of manifestation. In early times, pyrite was polished and used as mirrors by the Native Americans. Rainbow pyrite may be used as a protective stone and is ideal for wearing as a talisman or amulet. It is believed that rainbow pyrite can promote psychic development. It is a crystal of positivity and is thought to help reduce anxiety and frustration. It best used to balance and stimulate energies of the third chakra (solar plexus).